Misdemeanor Charges

A misdemeanor is a lesser criminal act punishable by up to one year in jail or three years probation. In New York State, a misdemeanor conviction, even with just probation, gives one a permanent criminal record that may not be expunged, so it is important to vigorously fight misdemeanors.


Some of the most common misdemeanor charges are drunk driving (DWI), domestic violence, petit larceny (theft of under $500). All of these crimes, as well as all other misdemeanors, carry stigma and a permanent criminal record. You need a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to defend you properly. Call us at (646) 350-0601 to discuss your case.


During your consultation, our criminal defense lawyers will give you a truthful evaluation of your case, even if it means delivering bad news because only by having the full and accurate information, can you make the right decision. We will explain to you all the possible consequences of taking the case to a jury trial or to plea bargain.


Misdemeanors do not result in the loss of civil rights such as voting, but may result in loss of privileges, such as professional licenses and public employment. Many sentences carry civil penalties, such as loss of professional and driving licenses, possible deportation out of the United States. If you have a case in Family Court, a misdemeanor conviction may result in the loss of custody of your children. 


This is why we do not ignore misdemeanors as “minor” cases. We fight them as hard as we fight any felony charge. In the past, we have been extremely successful resolving misdemeanors in the past with over 99% of them resulting in the dismissal of all criminal charges. This is the kind of experience that you need.


Obviously every case is different and no guarantees can ever be made, but our track record, experience and education leaves us confident in the knowledge that we know how to help you.


We will fight to keep your record clean and with us, you can be assured that we know how to protect you. We’ve handled hundreds of misdemeanor cases like yours. We get results for our clients.


You deserve to be represented by the right criminal defense attorneys. The Storobin Law Firm, led by Senator David Storobin, is the right choice for you. Call us at (646) 350-0601 for your consultation.